Exit Condition - Bite Down Hard / Impact Time Red Vinyl LP, Drunken Sailor Records (Drunken Sailor 008) Drunken Sailor 008

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This is a Co-Release between Drunken Sailor Records and Boss Tuneage

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EXIT CONDITION were one of the finest UKHC bands from the late Eighties. “Bite Down hard/Impact Time” is the first of these releases, a 23 track LP retrospective taking in the bands recorded output of 1988 and 1989 . The album contains the original “Impact Time” demo from 1988 that led to the bands debut “Bite Down Hard” 7”EP released by Pusmort in 1989, plus six tracks recorded in 1988/1989 that appeared on various compilation LPs at the time – plus a track, “To The Rescue” that has remained criminally unreleased to this point.

With all tracks being digitally remastered, this limited edition coloured vinyl LP has a heavyweight board sleeve and printed insert containing liner notes from drummer Richard Stanier, plus photos and memorabilia from the bands personal collection, this is a must have release for fans of the whole UKHC scene.

Limited to just 300 copies, red vinyl, a corelease with Boss Tuneage

SPECIAL OFFER: Every copy of this, the first in our series of Exit Condition coloured vinyl LPs will get a 2 Track Cd of never released/ heard before tracks

FORMAT: Ltd Edition Coloured Vinyl LP

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300 Red Vinyl