PRETTY BOY THORSON "Howling with Pretty Boy Thorson & Friends" 7"/ ADD Records ADD Records


Being that our generation of DIY punk is being seriously dismissed, go ahead and call bullshit if you want, but Jesse Thorson is turning into our generation’s David Allan Coe. Outlaw misery. Life misery. Full-bottle comfort. Empty-bottle misery. Transmission-just-dropped-out-half-way-across-the-country, no-money music. Beside Jesse’s verifiable renegade stance are expertly crafted songs—some would call them old country and not be entirely wrong—that are told through the hungry eyes of someone who is seeking more than this life has been able to offer. Four songs with a rotating cast of Minnesota rogues. If there was any justice in this world—and there’s not—Jesse would be sharing the charts with Merle and Johnny. Instead, we can all share a bottle and start kicking things aside as this little fucker spins around.

Pressing Information

Grey Mix and Dark Grey Mix Vinyl