THUMBS / JACK PALANCE BAND split 7"/ ADD Records ADD Records


From Baltimore, The Thumbs toured heavily, put out great full-lengths, and even eventually got signed to Adeline Records. And much like Scared of Chaka, they were a rulin’ band through and through: smart, fuzzy-dirty punk with melodies weaving throughout and, although they got dedicated fans, most people didn’t take note. Perhaps it was timing. Perhaps it was whatever, but the Thumbs never got their due. Don’t be bummed, listen to their legacy. Jack Palance Band: Serious time. We were all very, very wasted, sitting in a parking lot, waiting for someone to show up. It was a couple hours, and all we did was crank The Jack Palance Band over and over again, and went, “Woah, did you hear that? Anyone want to hear something else?” “No.” We played it until the battery died.

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