The Fur Coats - The League of Extraordinary Octopuses LP/ Drunken Sailor Records Drunken Sailor Records


You might not know Marc Ruvulo, but you can betcha sweet bottom that you know someone else who does. Tip a toe into the waters of Chicago’s punk rock scene and see where the ripples overlap: No Empathy. Das Kapital. The Traitors. Johann’s Face Records. Bucket O’Blood. Not household names, no, but that’s not why you got into this whole punk rock mess, was it? Keystones. Vital parts. You see where I’m going with this.

The Fur Coats is Marc’s latest project, and it’s a different focus. It’s still punk rock, but funnier. Goofier, even (without being stoopid, so wind that raised eybrow down a few notches, you goddam bores). This is powerpop as it was always meant to be: all hook, no fuss. From the brass-inflected ludicrousness of the title track to the yearning (yeh, yearning) melody of Don’t Make Me Beg; from the glass-waving I Drank A Beer to the rollicking brashness of Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know… pop-punk just like your teenage self swore s/he’d love forever.

Incidentally, your teenage self thinks your grown-up self is a fucking loser. Wanna prove ‘em wrong? Let The League Of Extraordinary Octopuses into yr life. Get to know Marc a little. What the fuck else are you gonna do?

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