GINO & THE GOONS - Bastard 10"/ Red Lounge Records Red Lounge Records


From the crazed minds at the incredible Red Lounge comes this amazing piece of wax.
They have released records on Total Punk, Slovenly, Pelican Pow Wow and they F***ING RULE
10" Deluxe Gatefold. Price is like an 12" - but looks way cooler!
New 10" from Florida Rock'n'Rollers Gino and the Goons out now on Red Lounge Records! Bastard! B-side features a very personal song about Red Lounge label boss Tex Dixigas' daughter Mimi. AWESOME! Rest of the platter has a few new originals as well as incredible cover versions from Buck Biloxi, Bill Riley and some guy from Hawkwind. YEE-HAW!

Gotta Have It
Shake It!
Go lil Mimi Go
Aint my bag
Red Hot

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Black Vinyl