Unfun - Shallow Graves 7", Black Vinyl, Drunken Sailor Records (Drunken Sailor 004) Drunken Sailor 004


Don’t be fooled by the name, this band is a party…

Fucked up, drug induced, hate filled, sludgey pop-punk from Vancouver, B.C given the ran-over-by pick-up-truck treatment. Sounds like Crimpshrine/Cleveland Bound Death Sentence/OWTH/D4 with an overlay of guts and grunge.

The drunk man said “This band’s cool, maybe this is what Kurt Cobain was trying to aim for with Nirvana but then he got too shit at taking drugs” 7″ is being released to coincide with their European party tour in April where they’ll get semi-naked and pretty intoxicated on cheap cider, weed and whatever else with Pudge and Teen Rebel Dopefiends.
Split label release - Not Shy Of The DIY/ Drunken Sailor Records

Pressing Information

300 Black Vinyl