Shang-A-Lang - Waiting For The End 7"/ Drunken Sailor Records (Drunken Sailor 013) Drunken Sailor 013

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I suppose somewhat appropriately Shang-A-Lang’s last record of new material, titled”Waiting for the End” will be released on the first week of what many consider the last year of human existance. Shang-A-Lang has been an incredibly prolific band over the past few years, having done countless splits (really, I can’t count them), several 7 inches, an LP/CD, and a Collections LP. The release is between 7 labels that have helped the band out in various ways over the past several years:
Dirt Cult, Fast Crowd, Silver Sprocket, Dead Broke, Let’s Pretend, No Breaks, and Drunken Sailor (UK). Each label will have 118 copies. These five songs are probably the best SAL material to date, which makes the break-up even more bittersweet. Featuring the amazing artwork by Mich Clem and Nation of Amanda!

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