A Page Of Punk/ Werewolves On Motorcycles 7"/ Drunken Sailor Records (Drunken Sailor 023) Drunken Sailor Records

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Crazy, amazing, the best punk 7" you will hear all year.
A Page Of Punk are from Japan and apart from being one of the best live bands you will ever see, write some of the best PUNK songs you will ever hear. 13 songs on their side, Everyone a classic, they even find time to throw some Oasis and Sham 69 in there. A Page Of Punk remind me of the first time you heard something that was completely new but completely familiar. Best Band.
Not to be outdone, Stoke On Trents 'Werewolves On Motorcycles blast through 4 songs of chaotic Garage/ Punk, every song is killer, reminding me of New Bomb Turks in parts.
Simply it's the best record you will own this year.
Released on 5 different labels, each label has their own colour sleeve, mine is yellow but I do have copies of the other labels colours for collectors!
All on Brown Vinyl and comes with download code

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Brown Vinyl