Marvelous Mark - Bite Me 7" EP/ Drunken Sailor Records (DrunkenSailor 044) Drunken Sailor Records


Marvelous Mark is the moniker of Mark Fosco, formerly of the band Marvelous Darlings, which also included Matt Delong from No Warning and Ben Cook who plays guitar in Fucked Up. Essentially they were a Toronto punk supergroup "before they were famous", but their limited catalogue - a string of seven-inches - stuck like staples within a cult fanbase long after they called it quits.
Now Mark has a solo project. With the title track previously released on Ben Cook's own label Bad Actors, Bite Me is made up of three succinct tracks so infectious they should come with their own NHS advice leaflet. We’re talking power-pop with punk roots.
It's every bit as brilliant as you'd expect from a guy who uses "Marvelous" as a prelude to his actual name.
Sound of your summer.

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