Wonk Unit - Feel The Wonkness LP - WHITE VINYL REPRESS/ Drunken Sailor Records (DrunkenSailor 048) Drunken Sailor Records

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Wonk Unit were formed several years ago by Alex Johnson, formerly of The Flying Medallions, I’m told they began as a performance art project, essentially a vehicle for vocalist Alex. Alex Johnson is a one off. He provokes reaction. Poet, songwriter, performer, "tourtured soul", there isn't much that life hasn't already thrown at him.
Wonk Unit have released several albums on CD and become one of the hardest working bands in the UK, playing countless gigs (I mean, they even have their own festival, Wonk Fest!).
An obvious reference point would be Snuff (hell, Duncan Redmonds even plays on some songs and occasionally drums for them live), with the perfect UK pop- punk sound, organ and horns. Wonk Unit are much more than that though, with songs that are fun, energetic, heartfelt, thought provoking, angry, hilarious, exciting and catchy as fuck.
Never afraid to push boundaries, whilst having a sound born out of Snuff/ Wat Tyler/ China Drum, they still have an originality that makes them unique.
With songs chosen by the band, Johanns Face and Drunken Sailor and taken from the albums 'Trolleys, Muffy, Nervous Racehorse and a couple of exclusive songs, we think it is the perfect introduction to one of the best UK bands.

Vinyl (Drunken Sailor Records), Digital (Johanns Face Records)
Mastered by North London Bomb Mastering.
First 100 on Green Vinyl, comes with instant download (also a download card with the LP for people who prefer lossless) and insert.

Pressing Information

100 Green Vinyl
200 Black Vinyl

300 White Vinyl repress