Fashionism - Come On My Baby 7"/ Drunken Sailor Records (DrunkenSailor 093) Drunken Sailor Records


If you’re wondering when this year’s endless ice age will finally to an end, you should probably turn your attention to the new 7” from Vancouver powerpop specialists Fashionism. Hot on the heels of their recent Smash Singles compilation, it’s another serving of buzzsaw hooks and hot glam mess, and it’ll sounds like someone refilled a reservoir with ice-cold Mountain Dew, sherbet and pages ripped out of Ian Svenonius’ unpublished Make-Up memoirs.

You like new wave? You dig Mott The Hoople? You love that sensation of driving too fast around a corner before your car flips over, spills from the road and lands in a bed of candyfloss? Fashionism do all of this while giving off the distinct impression they’re ready to lead a revolution – and they dress pretty damn sharp too.
Come On My Baby picks up where the singles comp left off, all pace and melody and intravenous sugar, while Baby She’s Gone is a softer but no less enticing groove – more in keeping with their glam side than their punk side, although it all suits ‘em down to the ground.

Need more proof that the humble 45 is the perfect portable format for punk (and pop, for that matter)? Here’s more evidence to support your case. Pogo party in the courtroom, who’s coming?
Will Fitzpatrick.

Split label release with Neon Taste.
Comes with instant download.

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300 Black Vinyl